Angling for Attention

This was my fun and my challenge piece to myself for the Bachelor’s degree. I had recently been given this great folding box knife by my partner. A normal person would probably have been satisfied at that. However, I am the person who loves the ribbons as much as the box of chocolate they come wrapped around, so I was equally happy at the plastic blade cover. This is a small piece of plastic you put on the open blade to show it off in packaging while not piercing said packaging or unsuspecting shop person or customer.

I also am not a huge fan of angular industrial feeling jewelry either making or wearing it. Unless it is a Metropolis themed party, but I digress. This was a perfect lead in to do something I love, repurposing worthless things, with something I struggle with, angular design. Challenge accepted!

I went with the original shape design of the knife and worked with a triangle theme. I fabricated the pendant out of sterling silver sheet, square stock, and tubing. I chose two lab grown rubies because of their gorgeous color that would highlight well against the darkened metal as well as the plastic. I chose to use a broken bass guitar string for the necklace chain to retain that industrial feel but have something curved besides the gems in the piece.

The end result was a wonderful wide necklace that went on over the head with no clasp that could be hung on a display or wall when not worn.

Sterling silver, lab grown rubies, plastic box knife cover, bass guitar string

Fabricated, stone-setting, epoxy, liver of sulphur, renaissance wax

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