For Summoning A Dream

I read many, many, comics. Do you know what I love? Comic world disregard of things like cost, materials, and physics. I’m not even being sarcastic, because it is easier to draw where weird jewelry armor stuff is supposed to sit than to make it do that in real life. I wanted to make a pendant that could have found a home in a Weird Tales story. A pendant obviously directly linked to a watery realm, where the cupped gold (brass because money) basin has strange organic markings that seem to breathe and writhe. The longer you stare at them, the more you ignore the pearl resting at the bottom until you miss the moment when the dark lustre pulses…you are being pulled in…you are drowning…but the water is rushing past your ears and the pressure is crushing you!

Then the moment where you are uncertain if your body has collapsed or if you are dead. The only thing separating your consciousness from the suffocating pitch is a small sounds of lapping water and a hint that behind you the darkness is a shade or two lighter…

Yes. I would buy that magazine.

Instead I bought myself a pearl vise and somehow found a reason to use it (I half drilled my first pearl all by myself!). I also managed to acquire this gorgeous Tahitian pearl on Ebay (I can’t afford pearls of this quality and size even at wholesale prices) because someone, for reasons unbeknown to me, had left a small red sharpie mark on the pearl. So I drilled and mounted that flaw in the cup and you would never have known if I had not chosen to reveal unto thee my secret mark!

Black Tahitian pearl, sterling silver, brass

Hand fabrication, rolling mill, pearl setting

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