She Said She Married The Sea

She said she married the sea.

When I asked her to dinner, she accepted the meal and the company, but her heart was far away.

“How can one marry an ocean?”, I asked.

“Oh never the ocean”, she replied, scandalized.

“The Sea. We made our promises to each other and we honor them.”

Which was more than I could say about the last time I said to someone,”Forever!” and then went away.

Every morning she would dip her hand into the green and every evening again caress her love.

Last year she walked into the tide. There was no storm, the was no sign.

There was a note damp with salted water and a small conical shell.

It said she was going on her honeymoon.

The shell is filled with words that come only when I sleep.

I find myself in the mornings caressing the green.

I wonder if I too am a bride.


Fine silver, sterling silver, translucent enamel, Victorian seed pearls

Rolling mill, hand fabrication, enameling, beading

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