Silenced was created as a response to how women feel when we try to speak up for ourselves.

According to UN Women only 22 per cent of all national parliamentarians were female as of August 2015.

Only 14.6% off all CEO’s are women.

While doctor and lawyers positions held by women have increased, they are still only a third of the whole body of representatives and the payscale they receive is dramatically less by almost a quarter.

At this point in time all around the world fundamentalist religious groups and mens rights activists fight to strip women of their choices in politics, education, careers, recreation, competition, life partners, and body autonomy.

We are constantly surrounded by those who would not let us speak for ourselves.

The installation itself was 120 A4 photographs. In the slider below I have all of the models who showed up and volunteered their time to make this incredible and powerful piece. My models include all ages from toddler to septuagenarian.

It shows bravery, not just to be seen in a state of raw emotion ranging from resigned to terrified and gagged, but to help create a piece of art that makes people uncomfortable.It is much easier to get volunteers to make pretty art, and I am so grateful for all of these wonderful women who came together across many continents to fight oppression via my art.

For many reasons people can not want their name on the internet, or are uncomfortable being thanked in a public forum. Know that these are just a few of the wonderful people who came out to help with this endeavor.

All my sincerest deepest thanks to:

Sigridur Vala Gunnarsdottir, Teddy Hunter, Leigh Anderson, Caroline N., Lois Anderson, Sabelle Baglee, E.L.Ramsay, Elizabeth Crago, Nancy McIntosh, Christine Hughes, Yulia Kovanova, Jessica Fielder, Emily Mount, Karis Stewart, Maria Van Beuningen, Qianwei He, Maud M.M. Bouvattier, Simka Senyak, Sarah Betts, Rachel Lee,  Simone McKenzie, Nataliya Nosenko, Cécile Ngoc Suong Perdu, Anna Zhigareva, Shra Sen, Ema Thompson,     Laura McGugan, Estifa’a Zaid, Pagla-Alessandra Colombo, Abigail R. LaLiberie, Bella Knemeyer, AlexandraDillion, Bonnie C. Aspinwall, Raquel Boró Péroa, Jemma McClelland, Shelli Rosewarne, Maria Pakpahan, Lilian Malich, Jeanne Harrison, Julia Harrison, Jennifer Davis, Elisa Di Napoli, Diva Gutiérrez, Emma May, Katie O’Neill,    Camilla Ginty, Anna O’Neill, Rosa Mackay, Erin McElhinney, Irene, Katerina Dofkova, Lindsey Bell, Tina Grieg, Imogen Fireball, Sara Thomas, Louise Murray, Sara Ferreira, Hannah Smith, Aphra Bowyer, Julie Port,               Karen Dickenson, Sonne Van Dijken, Nicole Taylor, Silvia Nerreter, Lu Kocaurek, Donna Ross, Stephanie Gooding, Susanna Holland, Jackie Carothers, Jill McPherson, Lauren Stonebanks, Emily Ingram, Jay England, Julien Hamy, Sophie Lancastle, Vanessa Onsted, Angelique Gibson, Stephanie Mendoza, Christina Morgan, Elizabeth Lawrence, Monét Crudup, Rebecca Schayot, Jennifer Huber, Raven Leather, Jennifer Smith, Wren, Angela Longstreet,    Bridget Shirley, Betty Pharr, Charity Jones, Renee Price,Eva Howe, Fred, Kristina Sutton, Sara Bailey, Teresa LaNoue, Hailey LaNoue, Shayne Este, Jill Ellis, Grayson Wayman, Christty Pitty, Amanda Emily Smith, Tammy Rankin,

and of course to my ever supportive family,

Debbie Jones, Linda Mallow, Lindsay Mallow, Scarlett Mallow, Ed Mallow, and Ryan Duncum.

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