Viewing ALTAR Online

It is a challenge to showcase interactive art experiences online.

I have set up the slider (and placed the links below)so that if you click on the abstracted image it will take you to:

The curtain.

The full picture of that person’s ordeal

The poem that tells their story.

It is the best way to convey the choosing to see behind the curtain or to simply enjoy the abstracted image.

The exception to this is Tiger who was a live ritual.

Danielles’s Ordeal

Matthew’s Ordeal

Tom’s Ordeal

Marit’s Ordeal

Karis’ Ordeal

Tanya’s Ordeal

Tiger’s Ordeal

For the sake of continuity I have included him as he is in the book also in this gallery. Tiger’s ritual is discussed further here.

Other pieces of ALTAR

I created two weeks worth of daily teasers to lead up to the show. I made seven text based teasers from the poetry featured and seven image based teasers featuring images I wasn’t going to use from the photo shoots, but that were compelling and interesting.




I made a book and a series of poetry cards from this show.

View them here! Buy them here!

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