Pendants for the Southern Poverty Law Center


The final panel from the story Judgement Day published in EC’s March-April 1953 issue of Weird Fantasy was a 7-page story titled “Judgment Day”, written by Al Feldstein, drawn and inked by Joe Orlando, and colored by Marie Severin.

This is, in my opinion, one of the most important panels in the history of American comics.

This story came out 32 months before the Montgomery Bus Boycott during the comics code era. Bill Gaines (publisher at EC at the time) decision to run this story was incredible bravery in the face of institutional and government racism and oppression.

They wanted the final panel of this comic redone because it featured a black man as the astronaut. Not just a black man, but one in a position of great authority.

Read it here in the excellent blog post! (Also a fun blog in general if you just enjoy comic book history)

The comic as it was received by the incredibly racist comics code.

A Gallery showing in 2016 on EC Comics political activism in art!
Aliens, Monsters, and Madmen: The Art of EC Comics,” at the  Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene which ran in may of 2016. (I was still in Scotland, I missed it darn it all)

I have wanted to create a small series of pendants that donate to really important causes. As an artist and activist it feels right to make it a part of my business as well as my personal endeavors.

This is the first one in what I hope will be a series of 13 (no reason I just like the baker’s dozen). My plan is one per month for the next year with two this November to maximize the holiday donating. As long as I carry the pendants, and as long as the organizations still hold true to their integrity, they will receive the money from these creations.

50% of the sales of this pendant are donated to:

The Southern Poverty Law Center




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