There Are Layers Of Research Involved.


There are layers and layers of research involved.

The research for this project has been collected and engaged in by Kate Harris. There has been research into varieties of Theatre of the Oppressed productions and community actions, workshops to gather the stories of women and medical practitioners in the Irish maternity system, and mentorship for Kate by the esteemed Jo Murphy-Lawless, a sociologist teaching in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin.

I have engaged the research done by Kate Harris as an outsider, being neither a mother and not Irish by nationality, immigration, or heritage.  My role is to showcase the questions that are being presented with an outside vision. To this end I have researched the lost maternity practices and folklore, engaged with Irish speakers, and then create visual conversation starters or continuers in a variety of 2d formats in printmaking and painting.

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