For The Lantern Girl

I envision a girl. She is an introspective girl, given to sideways smiles, meandering walks in mountain meadows, and thin books of piercing truths. She lives with her extended family in a large home sitting in the dusky embrace of a larger mountain.

She, as everyone in the house blood, found, or kept, has her chores. In exchange for book money she keeps the back porch swept, and the old stone lantern at the foot of the path cleaned and lit at evening time. It is a sacred chore, one that is simultaneously important and yet not spoken of. The flame must be lit in the evening and put to sleep in the morning if it has not already sought its bed in the embers. It is sacred. It is not questioned. She keeps her charge lit. She has never sought the why.

She has a small romantic leaning towards the Hozuki plants that grow wildly around the stone lantern. She has embroidered them with much love onto her bag that helps her light the stone house. It is her small superstition. She embroiders them as she sees them in the evening, not red and orange as if burning, but blue and dusky as if banked. It seems only the stone or the plant may ever be red, never both.

Someday the one that is not spoken of will return.

Until then she carries her small burdens and reads her deep dreams.

I made this for her.


Copper, brass, sterling silver, stainless steel, aluminum, Czech glass beads

Hydraulic press die form, rolling mill, acid etching, anodizing, riveting

(Yes I did rivet glass. Yes they did break. Yes, I have special crazy)

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