Special Event


1st Annual Spring Fling Leather-Fest 2016

 April 14-17 2016

“ Camping and Competitions with a Primitive Flair”

Gryphon's Nest Campground
Springfield, LA 

Energy Play Workshop
Oral Sex Workshop
Joining Ritual
Primal Reconnection Ritual

Erotic Campfire Poetry Slam

Yes. My people.
And man am I moving and shaking at this event!
Two classes! Energy Play Basics and Head of the Class!
Two rituals! A Joining Ritual and a Primal Reconnection Ritual!
and finally...
There are 20 spots for poets to perform. All will have placement of performance by lottery. Since there are limited spots for this let’s get some expectations down:

There will be no mike or amplification so you must be capable of projecting. If you sign up you will be (barring reasonable life stuff) expected to perform.

If you change your mind, simple! Let us know so we can offer the spot to someone else. This can be done up until the Wednesday before the event.

This is FUN. You MUST be a good sport to compete. The point of this is to have a good time and make the audience as wet, hot, squirmy, and filled with wild desires as you can. Go for it! To take your spot, send me an email.

After the spots fill up there will be a waiting list. If there is an overwhelming response, we’ll think of something!

Let’s face it; no one wants to go first. So I, Coral, will go first as your sacrificial poet and Emcee, but will not be in the competition.


1. Poems can be on any erotic subject and in any style and emotion. That being said, this is an event where people of varying life circumstances are attending. Please be conscious of that when choosing your piece.
2. Each poet must perform work that they have created. No performing Mistress’s work, Neil Gaiman’s work, NOPE. You must be the author.
3. No props.
4. No musical instruments or pre-recorded music.
5. No poem should last longer than three minutes. Time starts when the poet connects with the
6. There will be three rounds of poetry. All poets read in the first round! 10 poets will make the
second round. 4 poets will make the final round.
7. First and second round is a performance of a 3 minute poem. Final round is a Haiku. Final
round poems are limited not by time, but by length, with 17 syllables being the maximum.