Come along for the ride.


Coral Mallow comes from a long line of teachers, entertainers, raconteurs, artists, and storytellers. It therefore comes as no surprise that she favors a multi-disciplinary and multimedia approach to art making.
Coral has a healthy disregard for boundaries, and because of this her art manifests in many forms from performance, jewelry, artist books, printmaking, weavings, carvings, prints, poetry, sensual/ sexual expressions, storytelling, oral histories, body modification, and Happenings. She creates needed objects, societal mirrors, portals to new worlds, modern rituals, and unusual treasure maps.
The exploration of the themes of eustress, distress, duality, and connection bring the viewer closer to empathy with those being viewed. This is achieved by giving the audience express permission to stare, respond, touch, and question.
Coral is confrontational, direct, passionate, and a lifelong activist for social change. She currently focuses her work on social and political politics surrounding women, LGBT+, ethnic tensions, and identity.

Coral Mallow has been an international Sexuality and Spirituality educator for over a decade. She specializes in the facilitation of greatness in others. She is proud to have served the Pacific Northwest American communities as Ms. Oregon Leather 2007. Coral co-produced The Living Vigil, Portland Oregon's state wide A.I.D.S. vigil with her Sash husband Ben Brown Jr. She is published in the Robert Rubel anthology Rope, Bondage, and Power edited by Lee Harrington.

The most powerful four words in
the world are
“Tell me a Story”.

Coral fights for what she believes in and spends her time, and when possible, her work to contribute and fight for numerous causes and charities. These have included literacy, human rights, at risk youth, United States veterans, food banks, H.I.V. centers, domestic abuse centers, and sexual rights and freedom.

Her primary charity for her title year was Esther's Pantry in Portland Oregon.