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I will be making a series of posts that link to makers and purveyors of my acquaintance if you are looking for some cool humans to support this year.

I am really excited about the Authors who I have the pleasure to call friends and the ones whose acquaintance make supporting them by reading their works even more fun! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. They range from fiction, non fiction, poetry, and games writers.

(I am not payed by these authors, they are just friends/acquaintances of mine or humans I admire. I haven’t read all of their work, or in some cases, any of it. Assume I have not read anything RPG. Unless I personally recommend a book assume you are on your own. If there is any misinformation here please contact me so that I may remove or fix it.)

Here we go six from the States, two from Ireland, and two from Scotland!


I want to start with Lee Harrington. I love his face, long time friend, teacher, and all around amazing human. Stalk him here! Facebook!

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He gave birth to this beautiful creation (I helped. It was an amazing honor to do so.)If you can buy this book, give it to a friend, donate it to a school, university, club, or library. It is so important that this information be accessible and be heard:

TRAVERSING GENDER: Understanding Transgender Realities

I can’t even with this amazing poetry compilation:

ON STARRY THIGHS Sensual and Sacred Poetry

On top of these two he has created, co written, and edited many many books (I am in one called Rope, Bondage, and Power). There are also links to his art and to his podcast (yep I did one of those too!)

Linda Mercury!

Yes, that is my girlfriend. I accept your envy as tribute.


If you are a fan of vampires, sex, and romance, I give you where you can find them in book form. She has a fun blog where writing is explored and give aways sometimes occur. Also Facebook!

Laura Antoniou


Chances are that if you are reading this you know the joy of Laura’s writings, or perhaps her rants both political and scene oriented. If you have not read the above, allow me to help you.  If you crave more writing of sexiness or professional kvetching you go here! Also Facebook!

Adam Scott Glancy


I’m going to say some words. RPG games. Non mythos Cthulu. Pulp. DELTA GREEN. Like those words? Then continue onto Pagan Publishing! Want a post apocalyptic podcast? Check. Also Facebook!

His wife, the stunning Jane Brooks, also wrote for this Dark Visions Horror compilation!

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Daphne Matthews


A nom de plume for a friend of mine who I just found out self published these. They look kinky. They might be kinky. Almost positive about the kinky. Backed into a Hand and Aces and Spaces

And finally myself!  

I have an ETSY store where you can grab some Coral love.

altarsingle ffslider group1altar leader

I currently have the Art books for ALTAR and Forest Fates available as well as a Poetry Card collection. Come and get your love!


Lora O’Brien


If you have ever wanted to be sat down by an Irish woman who has some things to say about her country, her spirituality, and how you can come on in and experience/share in it then meet Lora (you may be required to make your own tea depending on distance)!

I adore Lora. She does wonderful work for the Pagan and heritage communities. She has a Patreon doing really cool Guide work and storytelling. She has the website.  Also Facebook!

Ian Paul Power


Could get to pushing out the second book here any day now right? Dear friend of mine who instead of reading this COULD BE WRITING…ahem.

He also writes an assortment of RPG games from this world.

Haven’t read the book? Go do that. Also Facebook!


Shelli Rosewarne


You can’t get enough of the paranormal romance and fantasy can you? If that is what you love then I bring you here. If you want to read some fun things from herself and other guest authors check out her blog!

Shelli was a lovely part of my Edinburgh experience. Miss her face.Also Facebook!

Tom Muir

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Tom Muir gives damn fine story. Orkney is a magical place, and doubly so for him in it telling their tales. I have several of his books. He hates being talked about. Buy his things here! Also Facebook!








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