engaging citizens

American Veteran’s Day 2016

  The fact that my brother now has Donald Trump as Commander in Chief is crazy making. I fear for him as I have never feared for him in my life. And he’s a cis gendered heterosexual traditional marriage with family white man. He’s also the man responsible for several LGBTQIA+ events at his base. […]

Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival! It is an exciting time to be in the city with it’s candy wrapper costume of theatre posters and the possibility of art literally and figuratively around every corner and close. For an entire month! With such an extensive celebration however comes much waste in promotion, tourism, and production needs. Rather […]

For The Lantern Girl

I envision a girl. She is an introspective girl, given to sideways smiles, meandering walks in mountain meadows, and thin books of piercing truths. She lives with her extended family in a large home sitting in the dusky embrace of a larger mountain. She, as everyone in the house blood, found, or kept, has her chores. […]