Pendants for the Southern Poverty Law Center

  The final panel from the story Judgement Day published in EC’s March-April 1953 issue of Weird Fantasy was a 7-page story titled “Judgment Day”, written by Al Feldstein, drawn and inked by Joe Orlando, and colored by Marie Severin. This is, in my opinion, one of the most important panels in the history of […]

It is OK to HATE the Holidays.

This is a rambling rant/confession style thing. This is all about me, and maybe for other people who feel pieces of this. If you are an ardent lover of the holidays, or super religious human, this isn’t for you. Do not stop, do not tell me your feels, I don’t care, move along.  I want […]

Art and Shops of Humans I Know

I will be making a series of posts that link to makers and purveyors of my acquaintance if you are looking for some cool humans to support this year. The categories in this post are mostly jewelry. With a bit of clothes, sculpture, and chocolate. I think we all know what comes first, yes? CHOCOLATE […]

American Veteran’s Day 2016

  The fact that my brother now has Donald Trump as Commander in Chief is crazy making. I fear for him as I have never feared for him in my life. And he’s a cis gendered heterosexual traditional marriage with family white man. He’s also the man responsible for several LGBTQIA+ events at his base. […]

A Visit from Sah Sen

I woke up and kept on doing the work. Phone calls and texts. I woke up from dreams of terror filled cramped spaces, piles of dead humans burning, black arm bands, Mogen Davids and pink triangles. Not a good night. I never wanted to know what the Germans felt like after Hitler won. I never […]

The people and their poems

Tiger’s Ordeal

Viewing Altar Online

I have set up the images to be as follows: The top image would have been the curtain. If you click on the image of the curtain in the slider it will bring you to- The image that shows you where the close up on the curtain is from. The poem that tells their story. […]

Legislation is better than chocolate

Good morning internet. I want to drop a true story on you. Yesterday a friend of mine stopped by for lunch because I was away in Dublin and Rome. It was International Women’s’ Day. Keep that in mind. She said last night she had to watch a friend’s kid so that the mother could go […]

Spiritual Work and USA Veterans

 ***The writer of this post is aware that she cannot offer counsel or call herself a Counselor as she is a citizen of the United States and does not have a counseling degree from an accredited (or unaccredited for that matter) institution. To do so could lead to jail time, and that is not productive […]