February and March Adventures and Gambles!

Hello my theoretical humans!

This month is going to be very eventful for yours truly!

England: This Thursday I am traveling down to Manchester to do a break away presentation for the Chaos and Comfort Conference!

The conference is sold out and I am very excited to be presenting my poster proposal collection Medical Waste.

There will be five posters from the patient side, and five from the physician side. The conversation needs to start being about how the system is demeaning and not functional for the patients as well as being damaging and not functional for our health practitioners.

Edinburgh: Urbane! I will be crafting a dress out of foraged used and discarded candy and chip wrappers. It shall be titled Natural Fibers for this inaugural curation of Allison Palenske!

Italy: After that I will be heading to historic and beautiful Rome! For, of course, the Rome BDSM Conference! Ryan and I will be teaching five classes on different sex and bdsm techniques, power exchange relationships, and a new class on Service. I am so excited!

Isle of Lewis: Currently working on a fantasy design proposal of Stornoway Harbor for the ASN group show in An Lanntair Gallery. The show is not listed yet but will have the title Red Herrings. I might be giving a talk or a workshop. more to come!

Orkney Isles: Also doing research for the ECCI. I’m looking to do a piece working with the sustainable islands/ highland island enterprises/ Orkney electric futures that are being currently pursued. Not sure what will happen there yet but I will get to have some fun with Tom Muir! because storytelling.

Things I am attending or..have started. I obviously have free time. So..

I have started a Women’s munch (informal get together at a restaurant) as there wasn’t one/ It is once a month and we shall see if it catches on. Also putting some finishing touches on a discussion group for both Edinburgh and Inverness! hoping to bring some education basics and conversation as the focus rather than a side note that rarely gets played. So the sexuality front is looking pretty exciting as well!

I have also started to attend the local storytellers meetup for practice, the Edinburgh Bletherers, and performance night, Guid Crack. I have met a lovely kindred soul from Napier University who will be helping catch me on film telling some stories. Hopefully soon there will be links to listen to and watch!

WEBSITE: Finally I am working on the website world with Ben Brown Jr.

Ah websites. So essential in the modern world. Very challenging to craft if you are a person who does many things. You want to be taken seriously as a professional, but have no interest in having another cold and staid art site. You want to make it all easy and accessible but you also want to showcase your versatility. Right now I am working towards figuring out a good structure that I can work with/on and use well. This is why you get someone who knows what they are doing and can explain things to you. Slowly. I love my Ben. That is all.

Then there is blogging. It is not a skill that I have used. I have a livejournal that I stopped using. When I did utilize it, it was mostly to keep up with a few chosen friends. I don’t even keep art journals much to my professor’s chagrin (I recycle all my old paper). Occasionally it will be personal but more often than not it will be musings on politics, art, weird social culture, and generally whatever strikes me that week.

Let the experiments begin!


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