It’s As If She’s Still Here…



imag2945I love this piece. This one I made for me. Aging Goth loves her dead things and creepy pasta.

I found the tin- type at a small antique shop in Rogers Arkansas (No, I’m not telling you why I was there, but I did escape). In life she was probably a great lady. In this tin type she has a soul eating stare that says, “I’m coming through this photograph into your room to the SECOND any vaguely arcane occurrence happens within ten feet of me”. I admire tenacity, what can I say?

I also adore gravestone art, and always have. I was a fun one to explain to the other parents. I love the carvings, the little messages, the tokens people leave behind, and most ancestor worship rituals. This is amusing if you know how little I interact with my living family, and less so with my dead ones. I always look forward to visiting the dead. They really let you take your time and enjoy a city.

This was my first double sided brooch, and my first loose pin brooch. It does look beautiful when worn facing either Lady or Gravestone out. I am hoping to make a series one day.

Fine silver, sterling silver, tin type, carnelian, waxed Irish linen, rubber, stainless steel, resin

Rolling mill, saw work, hand fabricated

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