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I will be making a series of posts that link to makers and purveyors of my acquaintance if you are looking for some cool humans to support this year.

Jewelry is the most popular category so it got it’s own post.


Adreanna Robson Designs is the art of a truly gifted storyteller, gamer, and artist. She is also really good times to hang out with.

From her site: Each piece is made of ethically sourced stones and high-quality wire, and (as you can see from some of the images) I can work in great detail. I never use machines; everything you see is my own design and my own handiwork. I hope you enjoy wearing these as much as I enjoy making them!

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SkyDesign is iconic in Oregon. One of the mainstays in the Portland Saturday Market  and a friend of my best friend and myself. Truly one of the most talented and beautiful humans I have the pleasure of knowing.

From his site:I fabricate all of my jewelry from beginning to end in my small studio. I care about details and strongly believe in using only the highest quality materials that best correspond to each piece and its intended long term use.

Oh you may recognize his work used in my show poster for ALTAR!

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The Molten Cauldron is Melissa Gritz all around lovely human! She makes magical dreamy glass beads and earrings. Glass is one of the hardest things to photograph and as I own several of her works the richness of the beadwork is so much more than a photo can make it.

From her site: Molten Cauldron beads are made sustainably with locally sourced glass from the Northwest. I hand work and kiln fire each bead in order to enhance durability and only nickel-free jewelry findings are used in order to ensure comfortable wear.

Starting as a hobby, Melissa’s home quickly outgrew space for the glass pieces she was making. After a couple years of being pestered by other local glassworkers, Melissa gave in and opened a shop of her own.

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Kelly Jean Conroy is the maker of the ATE series that people ask me about. (It’s a cute stegosaurus pendant with a tiny T-rex in it tummy. Curse your cruel but inevitable betrayal!) Get them here!

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Wisp Adornments is the delightful collection exploring Memento Mori by Angela Kirkpatrick. I don’t actually know her, she is a friend of a human I know. But her stuff is fun, and I can break my own rules. so here they are!

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An Elaborate Flight of Fancy is another human I don’t know but Julie Chaddock makes light whimsy out of wire and beads. Facebook!

My friend Wendy quotes”As someone who is super-sensitive on the throat, I can tell you Julie‘s pieces have been super-comfortable to wear.”

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Coral Mallow Creations

I have an ETSY. It is so far the copper pendants you know and love, with more to be added every week. I sometimes run specials on my Instagram and Facebook.

I am currently being carried by Savvy Plus who has all the enamel pendants!

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