Legislation is better than chocolate

Good morning internet. I want to drop a true story on you.
Yesterday a friend of mine stopped by for lunch because I was away in Dublin and Rome. It was International Women’s’ Day. Keep that in mind. She said last night she had to watch a friend’s kid so that the mother could go rescue a friend of hers that had been beaten so brutally both her eyes were black and her mouth and ribs bruised.
I was stunned.
All I could do was offer support in the form of giving this woman via my friend who had to leave her home with her child under those circumstances a chocolate bar. Butler’s Irish coffee. It felt hollow and useless, but it truly was all I could do.
Yesterday I also posted a beautiful video featuring Francine Christophe, a French Jewish holocaust survivor, on Facebook. It is a tale of women comforting each other through horrific circumstances with small kindness. In that instance it was also a small bar of chocolate. And while poignant, please hear me:
I do not want to have that in common with anyone.
I do not want to feel like the only thing I can offer another human is a piece of chocolate.
I do not want to keep hearing, reading, and knowing that these are present day problems that aren’t going away at any respectable rate.
As I live in Scotland, am a citizen of America, and spend a great deal of my life in Ireland all I can think of is what are with these numbers? If these are the better statistics than from when I was a kid (when it was still socially acceptable in some cases to rough up your wife) I am terrified for my nieces and nephews.
It is a disgrace that the equality amendment for women has never been ratified in the USA. I don’t give a rats ass about the reasons. It should be. This should not be voted on, it should be put through out of pure shame that it hasn’t happened yet. It should not be up for debate that people of all genders have access to the healthcare they need including abortion services!
If you are not a person who is willing to wear a white ribbon, then what the hell is wrong with you?
If you rock the white ribbon but don’t vote in favor of women’s needs what good are you?
We have to stop making and accepting excuses. We have to stop letting atrocious business practices, low access to quality education, and our ability as herd animals to turn a blind eye on things that aren’t “our business” be the standard of the day with our neighborhoods. Good people of all educations and backgrounds have to stand up and stand in as viable candidates for government positions. Citizens have to want to vote for someone who is not a businessman, a lawyer, or a soldier as we have been programmed to believe these are the only acceptable candidates who can lead.
We should share our joys out of love, not desperation.
We should feel more empowered than we are.
We can change that if we try.

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