In Metalsmithing I have experience fabricating, roller printing, dye-forming, hydraulic press dye-forming, soldering, acid etching, patinas, hammer work, forging small steel tools, refinishing steel tools and hammer faces, forming, raising, chasing and repousee, stone setting, small hollow forms, drilling, sawing and piercing, casting object and ingot, cold connections, tin work, resin setting, beading, pearl knotting, painting, and a variety of enameling techniques.

I work in Fine silver, sterling silver, copper, brass, bronze, reclaimed gold, natural and man made stones, found and discarded objects, paper and ephemera, plastics, natural objects (bone, fur, feathers...) and other multimedia. 


In Fibers on floor looms I can weave single, double or triple weave, twill inlay, and standard weaves tabby, twill, overshot, Huck-a-back and more on 4 to 24 harness looms.

I can do maintenance and repair on many styles of LeClerc and Macomber jack looms, standing tapestry looms, small tabletop tapestry looms, and countermarch looms. I am also well versed in a variety of tapestry techniques, and three different styles of rug knotting. 

I can sew clothing and costumes on machines and by hand, make soft toys, basic pattern making, basic draping, basic millenary, basic leather working, basic mask-making, basic needle felting, embroidery both thread and ribbon, beadwork, applique, and I sometime knit under duress.


In Wood I can make furniture blueprints, calculate board feet, have a basic knowledge of power tools both large studio( planer, jointer, band saw, cross cut saw, table saw, mortise and tenon machine) and hand tools such as planes and spokeshaves, files, basic jig making, basic hand cut dovetails and mortise and tenon joints, basic carving skills, and basic sharpening skills on chisels.

Book Arts

In Book Arts I have basic letterpress, knowledge of paper cutters, guillotine, Basic calligraphy, intermediate book making with no glue or sewing, intermediate book sewing, glues, paper folding, intermediate paper engineering, use of cutting mats and hand cutting with razors, scalpels, and scoring. I have a broad familiarity of book forms European, American, and Asian.




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In Printmaking I have familiarity with oil and water based inks, dry point etching, roller etching, acid etching in zinc and copper, Xerox transfer, using stencils, embossing, stamping, and woodcuts, carving and using. I have used manual and electric large floor presses.

Other Two-Dimensional

Other two dimensional art skills include basic photography, drawing in charcoal, pencil, and ink, intermediate watercolor and goache, acrylic, beginning oil paint, and collage.

I draw from live models, reference, and still life. I create portraiture, fantasy art, children's illustration, murals, and personal tattoo designs.

I also bake and cook. Creativity must be fed.


I have extensive interpersonal skills in a variety of communication techniques with specific training in pro-active, business, non-violent, and nonverbal interactions. I have used these skills in every facet of my professional life whether as a plus size clothing specialist, a student, or as a teacher and educator.