This residency from the 4Elements Theatre in Dublin will be allowing me to complete almost all of the work involved in the creation of the art that when completed will have been over three years in the making. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have an entire month devoted to working solely on […]

Then We Talk! And Block! And Talk! And Scream! And Scene!

This type of critiquing goes both ways. I can assist in creating visuals and by challenging word and dialogue structures. Theatre needs to be constantly updated and reviewed in presentation.There can be even more frustration for the author of the play during the revision stage, because I, as an artist, can quite literally set fire […]

Then We Make Things! Then We Remake Things!

 This was an idea sketch in woodcut. It has since been redone about a dozen times. I like to show unused work as I go so that when people see the final pieces they have a bit of the backstory.I cannot tell you the love I feel in collaborating with a person who can give insightful […]

There Are Many Revisions

After the research stage, there begin the discussions of which pieces of research are background, what is relevant to the work, which ideas need to be kept, and which ones discarded. Living in different countries (myself in the USA and now Scotland and Kate in Ireland) has made communication through phone conferences, emails, and when […]

There Are Layers Of Research Involved.

Research The research for this project has been collected and engaged in by Kate Harris. There has been research into varieties of Theatre of the Oppressed productions and community actions, workshops to gather the stories of women and medical practitioners in the Irish maternity system, and mentorship for Kate by the esteemed Jo Murphy-Lawless, a sociologist […]