The Muir Selkie

Tom Muir is a right pain in my ass! (Actually not at all. He is a truly lovely, generous, funny, and kind human. He is also Orcadian, and if you compliment them too directly they break out in hives and Trad covers of Joy Division songs. No one wants that now do we?)

So it was freaking amazing to be asked to make this love token from him to his now wife Rhonda. Their story is not mine to tell, but in short, she researches folklore and stories. He is a world renowned storyteller (retired), author, and historian specializing in Orkney history and folklore. LOVE WAS THE ONLY POSSIBLE OUTCOME!

In the making of this pendant I purposefully used a Celtic design for the woman and a pre-Celtic design for the seal. I want you to see how the woman is never with out the seal and vice versa, and the story can be bigger than a heritage.

You want to hear him tell a story? O.K. Say thank you to the internet.

You want to read his stories? Here is Amazon’s list.

Where in the world is Orkney? Here are pics from my trip there!

I have seven pictures of the evolution of this pendant from slab of silver to love token here.

Fine silver, sterling silver

Rolling mill, saw work, hand fabrication

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